About Me

James N. Sanchirico

I am a Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis and a University Fellow at Resources for the Future. My main research interests include the economic analysis of policy design, implementation, and evaluation for marine and terrestrial species conservation, and the development of economic-ecological models for forecasting the effects of resource management policies.

In addition to my research, I am the PI and Director of the Sustainable Oceans (SO) NSF-funded graduate training program at UC Davis. I also teach two undergraduate courses in my department (Ocean and Coastal Policy ESP 166 and Environmental Policy Analysis ESP 168) and the Ph.D. Natural Resource Economics course in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department.

In partnership with Prof. Mike Springborn, Prof. Mark Aggerton, and Prof. Matt Reimer, I run the NatuRE Policy Lab which is an interdisciplinary group of Ph.D. students, post-docs, and professors working on environmental and natural resources policy issues.

I mentor and collaborate with ESP undergraduate students and graduate students in the Ph.D. program in Agricultural and Resource Economics, Graduate Group in Ecology, and Graduate Group in Applied Mathematics.

An important part of my portfolio of activities is collaborating with NOAA Scientists, participating in science advisory boards, such as NSEAM’s Ocean Studies Board, U.S. National Committee for the U.N. Decade for Ocean Science and Sustainability, CA Ocean Science Trust, and working to improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion in natural resource economics (e.g. AERE Scholars Program and the SO Program at UC Davis).