NatuRE Policy Lab

While the NatuRE Policy Lab is a joint lab with Prof. Springborn, Prof. Reimer, and Prof. Agerton, these students are or were directly working with me on their dissertations.

Current Members

Xiurou Wu

Research Interests: “My research interest lies in conservation and sustainable resource management, balancing economic and ecological goals. My current research 1) address ecosystem service trade-offs in complicated integrated bioeconomic systems, 2) develop a more refined trip level models of fishers’ spatial-temporal decision-making process, motived by the high frequency space-time data in fishing activities and movement. My methods include dynamic optimization, mathematical programming, and econometrics.”

Thomas Anderson

Research Interests: “I am interested in policy-analysis for natural resource management, particularly in the context of coastal and marine systems. My current work focuses on new and emerging uses of ocean space including aquaculture and renewable energy. My dissertation considers cost-effective approaches to reducing antibiotic use in aquaculture and the efficacy of spatial management in controlling marine disease.”

Kate Thompson

Research Interests: “I am interested in environmental and natural resource economics and how it pertains to conservation management and policy. My current research involves California fishery management and marine policy. I recently completed my thesis on how California market squid populations will be economically impacted by climate change. This research also involved measuring sustainable fishing practices and providing management suggestions.”

Tara Ursell

Research Interests: “I am interested in using ecological and economic principles to understand and improve land management practices. I primarily study forests in the Western United States, and my research focuses on post-wildfire restoration — specifically, the cost-effectiveness of various reforestation practices on public lands as well as the long-term effect of reforestation on forest dynamics. I have completed the M.S. program in Agricultural and Resource Economics, and I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Graduate Group in Ecology.”